Become a Helicopter Pilot

Proflight Nordic offers high-quality basic & advanced training for helicopter pilots at all levels. We focus exclusively on training helicopter pilots, allowing us to offer you top-quality training that is without equal in most areas of flying theory and practice.

PPL – Privat pilot

The first step in your career as a pilot is to get your private pilot licence (PPL). Everybody starts off with a PPL. A PPL programme teaches you how to plan and carry out a flight safely.

CPL – Commercial Pilot Licence

Many people dream of getting paid to fly helicopters. To turn your dream into a reality, you’ll need a commercial pilot licence (CPL).


Pilots who fly through cloud or fog, or without visual contact with the ground, using only their instruments as a reference and navigational aid, must hold a qualification called an instrument rating.


If you would like to fly as part of a crew, you will need training in multi-crew cooperation (MCC). Proflight Nordic’s MCC programme will teach you how to communicate in an organised way and how to distribute a crew’s work load.

NQ – Night Qualification

Pilots holding a PPL who want to fly after sundown need a night qualification. This qualification is also useful for pilots who want to improve their training and become more skilled.

TR – Type Rating

You need to hold a type rating for each type/size of helicopter you want to fly. Proflight Nordic’s TR/PC training programme includes a technical briefing. Following this briefing, you will fly for at least two hours together with an instructor.

PBN – Performance-based Navigation

Since EASA has introduced new requirements for instrument flying (IFR), every pilot who has previously held an instrument rating (IR) must now take an expanded training course in performance-based navigation.

Mountain Flight Training Programme

Flying a helicopter over mountains requires special knowledge. Proflight Nordic’s mountain flight training programme includes both theoretical and practical training and will teach you how to handle downdrafts, strong winds and optical illusions.

Sling Load Training Programme

Proflight Nordic’s sling load training programme includes both theoretical and practical training. The practical component includes 10 hours’ training using both light and heavy loads. The programme is designed for CPL pilots who want to improve their qualifications so as to make themselves more attractive candidates for possible future jobs performing aerial work.