Proflight Nordic owns one of only a handful of full-scale helicopter simulators in Northern Europe. Our simulator offers a range of flight training capabilities, from complicated instrument-flying courses and MCC all the way down to training in night flying and purely navigational exercises.

The simulator offers two main advantages. The most important of these is the opportunity to train pilots to handle situations that are difficult to recreate in real life without putting them at risk.

The second is that the cost of flying in a simulator is lower than for a real-life aircraft, allowing for more flying time and thereby giving the pilot in training significantly more practice in handling difficult scenarios.

As a result, in combination with its very highly-regarded instructors, the simulator helps train better pilots who are more confident in managing real-life situations.

We also offer the general public the chance to try their hand at flying a helicopter in the simulator’s risk-free environment – a truly rewarding and popular experience! Find out more about our simulator packages for non-pilots under the Gift Certificate tab.

Simulator programmes

• IR – Instrument Rating
• PBN – Performance Base Navigation
• MCC – Multi Crew Concept

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