Film & Photo

Filming or photographing from a helicopter is a sure-fire way to generate true-to-life depth and perspective around the item or place you want to showcase – from your home, holiday house, or boat, to your wedding. Helicopter filming also lets you broadcast major events such as concerts and sports competitions live.

Proflight Nordic has a range of helicopters of different sizes, so no job is too big – or too small – for us to help you with. We can even remove our helicopters’ doors or mount a rig for gyro-stabilised cameras outside the helicopter to make sure you get the best possible footage.

We also offer you the option to have multiple helicopters in the air at the same time, if you need an aerial relay platform for live broadcasts, for example. Or perhaps you simply want a degree of redundancy in your filming as a back-up.

Whatever your needs, contact us at Proflight Nordic and we’ll tailor a solution that’s right for you.

  • Events

    Let us film & photograph your event from the air.

  • Weddings

    Immortalise one of the most important days of your life.

  • Real estate or other property

    We can help you photograph & film your home or other property from the air.

  • Live broadcasts

    Send images live using one or more helicopter-mounted cameras.

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