Our Services

Film & Photo

Filming or photographing from a helicopter is a sure-fire way to generate true-to-life depth and perspective around the item or place you want to showcase – from your home, holiday house, or boat, to your wedding. Helicopter filming also lets you broadcast major events such as concerts and sports competitions live.


Proflight Nordic has piloted aerial inventory flights for more than 40 years. Our clients include Swedish county administrative boards, the Swedish government, power companies and private landowners. Over the years, we’ve helped inventory everything from predatory animals, predatory birds and seals to storm and fire damage.

Helicopter Lifting

Are you planning on extending or building a property in a location that’s difficult to access, such as in an archipelago, an area sensitive to environmental damage, or a location where the roads don’t support heavy vehicles?

Passenger Transport

Proflight Nordic holds all the permits needed to carry passengers on our helicopters and we’re happy to have you on board. Aside from the convenience and efficiency of helicopter transport, a helicopter ride also doubles as a fantastic experience for you or your loved ones, a great present for a friend, or a memorable team-building exercise for your employees.

Reindeer Herding

Do you need help with reindeer herding? Proflight Nordic has helicopters hangared at Tärnaby/Hemavan to provide you with simple and effective help.