PPL – Private Pilot Licence

The first step in your career as a pilot is to get your private pilot licence (PPL). Everybody starts off with a PPL. A PPL programme teaches you how to plan and carry out a flight safely.

A PPL qualification lets you pilot private flights for family and friends. You can fly out to your holiday home in the Stockholm archipelago, to the mountains, or to your favourite golf course, for example. You can even take your VIP customers on an unforgettable trip.

You may not charge for your flights, however. Would you like to be able to do so? See the page about our CPL training programme.

Proflight Nordic’s PPL training programme includes both theoretical and practical flight training.

The flight training component consists of at least 45 hours’ instruction. An instructor will accompany you for 35 of these 45 hours. You will fly solo for the remaining ten hours.

The programme concludes with a skill test performed with an examiner present.

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The course includes

• Theory & flight training
• The flight training component consists of at least 45 hours’ flying, including 35 hours’ flying accompanied by an instructor
• 10 hours’ solo flying
• Skill test performed with an examiner present